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The Sea is a Treat for all Senses

To see and hear the sea is calming and gives strength. The newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote as follows (05/12/2016):

“You can feel the sea despite not seeing it. The sea has a calming effect through the senses. It has a distinctive sound, a rhythmic murmur with splashes. You can feel it through the humidity, temperature, and the air. The sea has a scent. Even its movements can be felt, even though you’re not in a boat or in the water.”

In Hanko the sea is present all around you and nearly every road leads to the beach. Below you’ll find a photo gallery of the most beautiful seascapes from Hanko.


Photo Gallery – The Beautiful Seascapes of Hanko

Hanko Finland, October 2015.

Kappelisatama, Hanko Finland, October 2015.


Hanko Finland, June 2014

Classic Beach View, Hanko Finland, June 2014.


Hanko Finland March 2015

The House of the Four Winds, Hanko Finland, March 2015.


Tulliniemi Hanko Finland August 2015

Uddskatan on Tulliniemi, Hanko, the southernmost point of Finland, August 2015.


Hanko Finland October 2015

Tulliniemi, Hanko Finland, October 2015.


Varisniemi, Hanko, Finland, Oktober 2015

Varisniemi, Hanko Finland, October 2015.