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Information about Villa Maija’s 2021 season

It’s now possible to make bookings to Villa Maija for the summer season of 2021. We hope that bookings are primarily made through our website, as booking confirmations and prepayments will then be handled automatically and securely. You can find our online booking system here.

Bookings for 2021 are charged 50% in advance when the reservation is made. If you cancel the reservation within the time limit described in the cancellation policy, the pre-payment is refunded to your payment card, deducted with a 10 euro handling fee. Summer season weekends are sold only as packages Friday-Sunday.

Next year we will serve our customers with a new concept, which includes only the rooms and services of the main building Villa Maija. Thus, next year we will not sell rooms in Villa Janne and Villa Anke. Those 2021 bookings that already have been made to Villa Janne and Villa Anke through us will be handed over to another company, which will contact all customers separately regarding these bookings. Furthermore, rooms in Villa Janne and Villa Anke for 2021 will be opened shortly for sale on under the name of Hanko Villa Anke.

We wish everybody a sunny and warm August!