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Villa Maija Spring 2020

Villa Maija will open on May 12th, 2021

Spring-time in Hanko offers fabulous experiences for nature lovers and many have asked if Villa Maija could open already before June. We’re happy to announce now that we will be able to open the day before Ascension Day, i.e. on May 12th, 2021. Weekends (Fri-Sun) are primarily sold as two-day packages.

Breakfast is served to the tables and due to the current situation, we are still not able to serve breakfast to outsiders.

The cosy rooms in Villa Maija offer all modern conveniences, such as own bathroom with shower, towels and sheets, air conditioning, refrigerator, electric kettle, TV, and mesh WiFi. The fiber optic internet connection to the villa has recently been upgraded to a faster category (500Mbit/s).

Bookings can easily be done on our website. Welcome to Hanko and Villa Maija to enjoy the spring-time!