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Would you like to experience an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful summer town of Hanko? Hanko is the southernmost town in Finland featuring a unique and peaceful villa atmosphere. It’s the perfect retreat where you can feel the fresh sea air on your skin and gaze at impressive waves.

Hotel Villa Maija offers comfortable villa style accommodation at a perfect location close to the sea. Spending a night in a nineteenth century villa is an experience you’ll never forget. Hanko is not too far from Turku or Helsinki, it’s only a 1.5 h drive, and there are also bus and train connections.

With a mature age of 128 years Villa Maija offers a blast from the past with all modern conveniences. The main villa as well as the two other garden buildings have been carefully looked after and renovated with respect for the past.


Main Building Villa Maija

Frans von Haartman, Chief of Customs, had Villa Maija built in 1888. The large main villa has three stories and is decorated by glassed-in verandas and a terrace on the front yard.

The rooms in the main building are spacious and the ones towards the front yard have either a glassed-in veranda or a balcony. All rooms have bathrooms with shower and modern air conditioning.

About Us - Hotel Villa Maija Hanko - Main Building


Garden Building Villa Janne

Villa Janne was built at the same time as the main building and it served originally as a service building. Later the building has been expanded and several guest rooms have been added. Most rooms are double rooms and located on the first floor. There’s a cozy and slightly larger room in the attic. All rooms have bathrooms with shower.

The hotel sauna is also located in Villa Janne. It’s a traditional wood-heated sauna with a private inner yard and barbecuing facilities.

About Us - Hotel Villa Maija Hanko - Villa Janne


The Third Building, Villa Anke

Villa Anke was completed in 1904 as the family guest house. The two ground floor apartments contain a living room, a bed room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. They are suitable especially for families. In the attic there are two larger guest rooms with private bathrooms and either a balcony or a glassed-in veranda.

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The Hotel Garden

Guests can enjoy the charming hotel garden surrounded by old trees and beautiful plants. In addition to the breakfast terrace there are also places where you can enjoy the sun or barbecue.

Parking is free for guests on the hotel property along the street Vartiovuorentie.

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