Villa Maija

Villa Maija

Do you dream of living near the sea? Do you want to enjoy the unique seascape and the calm atmosphere in Hanko with its old villas?

Villa Maija offers a fantastic opportunity for a quick break from everyday life. Staying in an authentic 19th-century villa on Hanko’s parade ground is a unique experience – and only an hour and a half’s drive from Helsinki or Turku. Hanko can also be easily reached by train or bus.

The head of customs and court councilor Frans von Haartman had Villa Maija built in 1888. The large villa has three floors and is characterized by decorated glass verandas and a large terrace in the front yard.

The over 130-year-old Villa Maija offers accommodation with the atmosphere of the past, but with modern comforts. The villa has been lovingly cared for and modernized with respect for the old. The entire villa has been completely renovated in 2022-2023 and we opened our doors again to guests in the summer of 2023.

The old rooms in Villa Maija have been renovated into luxurious villa apartments. Each apartment is slightly different, but they are united by a villa atmosphere of very high quality. Villa Maija’s apartments are spacious and each apartment can use the shared terrace. In the future, the terrace will be for private use only by those living in the villa. Some apartments also have their own small terrace or balcony. All apartments have their own bathroom (shower and toilet) as well as modern air conditioning and a washing machine. Two apartments also have their own sauna. In connection with the renovation, a fully equipped kitchen was built in each apartment. In the future, you can stay at Villa Maija for longer periods and we are open all year round.

Villa Maija has taken a new step into modern times and in this way we can ensure the use of the building well into the future, for the next hundred years. Villa Maija is now like new, but the old atmosphere has of course been preserved. The renovation will raise the experience for our guests to a new level and we can thus guarantee luxurious accommodation for Hanko travelers in the future.

If you are not sure which apartment is right for you, send us an email ([email protected]). Our company will expand its business in the future. We will soon be able to offer other apartments besides Villa Maija. We will soon tell you more about these possibilities.

Welcome to Hanko!