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Villa Maija’s summer cafe is open still this week, Wed-Sun, 1pm-6pm

Villa Maija’s popular summer cafe is open still this week (week 33) between Wednesday and Sunday! We offer delicious pastries straight from our own kitchen. The super popular carrot cake is still available. We have also icecream, coffee (also cappuccino and latte), and other refreshing beverages. Welcome! The cafe is[…]

Villa Maija Cafe Open Header

Villa Maija’s summer cafe is open – Welcome!

Villa Maija’s summer cafe has been opened on July 1st, 2020. We offer delicious pastries straight from our own kitchen, icecream, coffee (also cappuccino and latte), and other refreshing beverages. During lunch hours there’s also a salad bar. Welcome!  

Villa Maija Facade Spring 2018

Welcome to Hanko for Mother’s Day weekend

Hotel Villa Maija wishes everybody welcome to Hanko for Mother’s Day weekend, May 8-10, 2020. Last year’s Mother Day we had splendid weather with almost 25 degrees and sunshine. This year we encourage everybody to submit their guess for the weather on Mother’s Day. The best guess will be rewarded with a[…]

Villa Maija Spring 2020

Hotell Villa Maija opens on April 28th, 2020

Villa Maija’s season will start on Tuesday April 28th, 2020. Breakfast is served in co-operation with the new Bistro Elvan in Hanko. In the morning, guests will receive Villa Maija’s special blend coffee, juice, and a high-quality breakfast take-away bag from the reception. Welcome to beautiful Hanko for sunshine and spring-time!

Hotel Villa Maija Hanko in March 2015

Spring schedule for Hotel Villa Maija

Dear customers and friends of Villa Maija! Due to the corona situation, spring has arrived with lots of uncertainty. Villa Maija will stay closed during April and if needed also in May. At this point it’s unclear when we can open our hotel, but we hope that the critical situation[…]

Independence Day in Hanko, Finland, 6.12.2016.

Hotel Villa Maija and Seaside Stories Festival, 14-17 Nov 2019

Hotell Villa Maija goes on its annual winter break in the beginning of November, but we keep the hotel open on Thu-Sun 14.-17.11.2019 for the Seaside Stories Festival. You can make reservations on our website and Villa Maija’s popular breakfast buffet is at that time also open for everyone. After the winter break, we will open again for the[…]

Hotel Villa Maija Autumn Facade

Villa Maija is open until Hanko Film Festival

This year’s season for Hotel Villa Maija ends on Sunday November 3rd, which means that we are still open during the weekend for Hanko Film Festival. You can read more about the film festival here (mainly in Finnish): In October we are typically closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Villa Maija’s popular breakfast buffet is[…]