Villa Maija


Villa Maija open until October 4th, 2020

Villa Maija is open during autumn until the first weekend in October and our winter break begins on Sunday October 4th, 2020. All buildings Villa Maija, Villa Janne och Villa Anke are in use until the end of the season. Please note, however, that from mid-September onwards we will not be open[…]

Information about Villa Maija’s 2021 season

It’s now possible to make bookings to Villa Maija for the summer season of 2021. We hope that bookings are primarily made through our website, as booking confirmations and prepayments will then be handled automatically and securely. You can find our online booking system here. Bookings for 2021 are charged 50% in advance[…]

Hanko Finland Villa Maija Summer

Information about Villa Maija’s breakfast and summer cafe

Villa Maija’s summer cafe has closed for the season 2020. We thank all of our customers and wish you a nice and sunny August! There are cafes in Hanko that keep open all year. In the vicinity of Villa Maija you can find for example Cafferie and Alan’s Café. In 2020[…]

Villa Maija’s summer cafe is open still this week, Wed-Sun, 1pm-6pm

Villa Maija’s popular summer cafe is open still this week (week 33) between Wednesday and Sunday! We offer delicious pastries straight from our own kitchen. The super popular carrot cake is still available. We have also icecream, coffee (also cappuccino and latte), and other refreshing beverages. Welcome! The cafe is[…]